Researchers get inspiration from insects to design bionic robots

The University of Manchester, United Kingdom, released a message a few days ago that its researchers are designing miniature bionic robots based on the biological characteristics of jumping spiders and bees. In the future, these robots that have absorbed insect properties can bring new technological changes to industries and other fields.

A team led by Manchester University scholar Mustapha Nabavi is developing a spider robot that can imitate the ability of a common jumping spider in Eastern North America to bounce. This jumping spider can jump from one point to more than six times the body length, far beyond humans.

According to Nabawi, they used a high-speed camera to record every detail of the jumping distance and height of the jumping spider in the laboratory, collecting a large amount of data for designing prototypes of miniature bionic robots and letting them imitate the jump of jumping spiders.

He said that if the performance of such spiders can be improved in the future, they can be applied to complex engineering techniques and manufacturing processes. They can also be deployed to unknown environments to perform different tasks.

In addition, the team is also exploring the development of a robot that mimics bees, capable of autonomous flight, and related technologies that can be used to improve the aerodynamic performance of current aircraft. Such bee robots can even assist bees in pollinating various crops and flowers in the future.

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