Top 10 Things to See in the UK Travel Guide

The top 10 views of the United Kingdom provide you with the perfect travel guide for your trip to the United Kingdom. Jiangxi Tourism Network to provide you with British travel Raiders Fun UK.

NO.1 Edinburgh Ancient City

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. In 1995, it was listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. The Old Town features the medieval alleys of Pebble City; the new city is a Georgian neo-classical architectural civilization. Strolling on the Royal Mile, visitors can follow the footsteps of historical celebrities such as Queen Mary of Scotland and Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh Castle overlooks the city and exhibits the famous Stone of Destiny for tourists. The world-renowned Edinburgh International Festival is held here in August each year. Edinburgh is also the birthplace of Harry Potter. It takes only 4 hours by train from London to Edinburgh.

NO.2 Cambria - Lake District

The Cumbria-The Lake District is located in the largest national park in England. It is famous for its rolling hills and 16 beautiful lakes. Among them, the only five peaks in the UK with an altitude of more than 900 meters are all located in Cumbria. There are also three major cities in England. Scafell Pike is the highest mountain, Windermere is the largest lake, and Wastwaster is the deepest lake.

There are England's best walking and climbing routes. A newly opened trail is built along Hadrian's Wall, the most important historical site built by the Romans in the United Kingdom.

Cumberland sausage, Kendal mint cake and Grasmere gingerbread are all famous local products.

NO.3 Shuxiang Township

Hay-on-Wye is located in Powys in Wales and borders England's Herefordshire. The small town is a traditional English town, and the dwarf house is a brick-and-mortar building in a fairy tale. This is the world’s first bookstore. Although there are only 1,900 inhabitants, there are more than 30 second-hand books and ancient bookstores. Some bookstores even exaggerate the fact that even the walls have become bookshelves and form a unique landscape. Guardian Hay Festival has been held since 1988 and is held at the end of May every year for a period of ten days. It is a major event in the city.

NO.4 Isle of Skye

Known as “The Misty Isle,” Isle of Skye is nicknamed “4th best island in the world” by National Geographic magazine and is known for its steep Cuillins peak. It is a good place to watch the sunset. Isle of Skye is the birthplace of ancient Gaelic culture. Half of the island’s residents speak Gaelic. There is a romantic legend on the island about Bonnie Prince Charlie and Highland Woman Flora Macdonald.

Protree is the main town on the island. Visitors can take part in the minibus journey on the island or attend the Skye Highland Games in August each year. In addition, there are cruise ships offering special tours for wild animals. You can watch dolphins, seals and eagles. Go south from Uig and look out over the island and see the peaks of Cuillins. Elgol is a great place to enjoy the sunset.

NO.5 Northern Ireland Giants Causeway

The Giant's Causeway on the Northern coast of Antrim is listed as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1986. About 40,000 hexagonal pillars make up an 8-km-long coast, with pillars extending in a stair-like manner into the sea. Shizhu is a basalt formed by the rapid cold-solidification of volcanic eruptions from 4-6 million years ago.

One version said that the Giants Causeway was built by the Irish giant Finn McCool. I don't know why the Scottish Giants challenged Finn McCool across the coast of Scotland on the shores of Scotland. They boasted about how powerful they were. They said I can kill you with one hand. Unfortunately, I don't swim, whether I must compete against you. Finn McCool listened to his wrath, and he moved the rock pillars one by one to the bottom of the sea, and built a stone path across the sea so that the Scottish giants could come up against each other. When the Scottish Giants walked halfway and saw Finn McCool's huge size, he fled.

Another romantic saying is that Finn McCool, the commander of the Irish King's Army, was tremendous. Once in a fight with the Scottish giants, he picked up a piece of stone and tossed his opponent. Stones fell in the sea and formed today. Giant Island. He later fell in love with a giant girl who lived in the Nehri Buri Islands. In order to pick her up here, he built the causeway.

NO.6 Inverness

Located in the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is known as the "Britain's Northernmost City," and is located beside the Moray Firth in the Haikou formed by the River Ness. The upper reaches of River Ness come from Loch Ness. St Andrew's Cathedral, located beside the River Ness, is known as the most beautiful riverside landscape in the UK! Every year, from July to October, you can see a large number of fishing enthusiasts catch salmon. Even tourists can catch one. The happiest thing is to take a sightseeing boat to visit Moray Firth and see the dolphins!

NO.7 Moving Landscape - Yorkshire Steam Train

Harry Potter fans will not be surprised to see this steam train. That's right, Goathland Railway Station is the theater station of the Hogsmeade Station. There are not many steam-driven trains in the UK. The Yorkshire trains have two routes, one from Pickering to Whitby, and the other from Whitby to Battersby.

The 18-mile section of the railway from Pickering to Whitby was used to transport timber in the past. Today it is the most popular traditional railway in the United Kingdom. There are 6 stations on the way, passing through the North York Moors National Park, Pickering and the rural village of Grosmont. Bridges, running water, farmhouses, etc. The Pickering station was modeled after the 1930s. There is a traditional English teahouse in the station, serving English muffins and traditional pancakes. In addition to the ancient buildings, the train staff will also ring the bell and take a ticket in the car card from time to time while walking on the train. The steam train is a wooden carriage and the steam train takes the steam when the train head moves. In summer, there are six trains a day from Whitby.

NO.8 Hometown of Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s hometown Stratford-upon-Avon is an 800 year old town in Warwickshire, England. Here is the base of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The town has five historical sites of Shakespeare, including its former residence, the residence of his wife Anne Hathaway, and Nash's House where Shakespeare lived before his death. The town has many places to visit. You can stroll through the large meadows of Bancroft Garden to the banks of the River Avon, antiques to the Stratford Antique Centre, and the largest Butterfly Farm in the UK.

NO.9 Ceres Islands

The Isles of Scilly is located on the southwest tip of Cornwall and consists of five inhabited islands and rocky islands. The island has 2,000 inhabitants and 35 white sand beaches. It is a famous holiday island in the UK. ! The highest summer temperature is around 22 degrees! The island has a slow pace of life, blue sky and blue sea. It is famous for its fascinating scenery. Most tourists will stay on the main island of St. Mary's, the largest tourist facility. As far as Bryher and St Martin's are concerned, the islands are better protected and less polluting. St Agnes has no hotel and the most beautiful scenery. Like the Greek islands, the island’s tourism activities almost completely stopped in the winter.

NO.10 Northwest Industrial City

The "England's Northwest" as the "Industrial Powerhouse" in the UK affects the global industrial development. The red brick factory is so contrasted with antique industrial machines and the modern city.

In the northwest of England, there is the famous Lake District of Cumbria. Great cities such as Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster and Blackpool have been completely renovated. Liverpool has been selected as the capital of culture. For Industrial Heritages, visit Barrow Bridge Village in Bolton, Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre in Liverpool, Barton Swing Aqueduct in Manchester and Astley Green Colliery Museum in Wigan.

Every year, there are many large-scale events in the Northwest District to display these industrial monuments. It is most suitable for nostalgic people, such as The Vintage Fair Organ & Steam Rally is the largest free antiquities event near Liverpool, with antique cars, motorcycles and engines. There are also many different ways to visit in the area, such as steam trains, cruises, and bicycles.

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