Explosion-proof distribution box industry how to get rid of the vicious solution to the development situation

After years of development, China's explosion-proof industry has made great progress. Especially for explosion-proof distribution boxes , the direct impact of the market's prosperity is that more and more companies have begun to flood into the country, with more than one manufacturer. There will be a number of unscrupulous merchants. The related products produced by them have no national relevant product access principles, and even the quality of products is difficult to guarantee. We all know that the explosion-proof distribution box is due to its particularity of use and quality. Good or bad is directly related to its safety. The explosion-proof power distribution box with excellent quality can certainly make the use of the unit smooth and profitable. However, the explosion-proof power distribution box with problems in quality will bring catastrophic consequences to some enterprises. In the current explosion-proof market, all kinds of products have a wide range of products. Each manufacturer's approval of its own products also lacks the national approval standard. This has led to a lot of movement according to the normal process of the country. It is difficult for enterprises to survive and cause vicious competition.
1. The competition between explosion-proof distribution box manufacturers and enterprises is currently the main reason leading to the vicious competition among explosion-proof distribution box manufacturers. Because many companies in the current industry are sluggish as a whole, many companies in order to survive, there is no way to have to reduce costs, this naturally led to the explosion of power distribution boxes in the quality there are many differences, some larger companies believe that If you want to live long business must be the first quality, the other business owner is mainly to consider profitability for the purpose, think that appropriate in raw materials and other aspects to reduce costs, can increase the single rate, of course, can also improve performance. However, the purpose of doing so has a very big hidden danger for the owner of the owner.
2, many customers in the purchase of explosion-proof distribution box products, more consideration is to pay attention to the price, because the customer on the use of explosion-proof distribution boxes in the hazardous area of ​​the degree of harm is not enough to lead to the current market so sluggish, so many owners in order Consider the cost and continue to purchase low-priced products. I do not know that although the current expenditure on expenditure is reduced, but in the event of quality problems caused by an explosion in the future, then it is really because of small losses. The loss is not simply a matter of tens of thousands of dollars. Serious personnel casualties may also involve criminal responsibility for sentencing. This is one of the reasons why it will lead to vicious competition in the explosion-proof distribution box industry. The owners lack the correct understanding of the long-term.
The above is the reason why Xiao Bian analyzes the vicious competition of the explosion-proof distribution box. Zhejiang Enchuang Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof electric cabinets, explosion-proof engineering, explosion-proof electrical equipment, meters, fittings and other explosion-proof products. The company's main products are explosion-proof plastic, explosion-proof starter box, explosion-proof distribution box, explosion-proof non-standard distribution box, explosion-proof plastic buttons, operating column, lighting switch, light, master controller, etc. According to GB3836-2010 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments" IEC60079 international standards and other related standards for design and production, the company has advanced testing equipment and professional development team, giving users super strong technical support and quality service. The product has obtained the explosion-proof certification of the designated inspection agency. The products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, aviation, aerospace, chemical, electric power, railway, metallurgy, shipbuilding, fire protection and other industries. They are highly praised by users and you can feel at ease.
In order to change the development status of explosion-proof distribution box industry, as a part of the industry, various manufacturers should pay attention to their own development, where:
1. Adjust the product structure: Further improve and increase the technical content of the current product, especially in the structural aspects, make its performance safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, practical. At the same time, a large number of new technologies have been adopted to develop new products, improve the electrical performance of products, and strengthen systematic project construction.
2, to further enhance the product level: Today's sensor technology is developing rapidly, explosion-proof electrical industry should make full use of sensors to achieve the use of temperature, pressure, flow, gas, photoelectric and other aspects of the signal, so that the control of the explosion-proof electrical field has been further expanded.
3, increase efforts to develop new products, to a new level of technological content. Technological innovation is a measure of whether an enterprise is advanced, whether it has market competitiveness, and whether it can keep ahead of its competitors. With the rapid development of China's mining electrical appliance market, related core production technology applications and research and development will certainly become the focus of the company's attention. It is necessary to keep abreast of the trends in R&D, technology and equipment, technology applications and trends in core technologies for domestic and international mining electrical appliances, and to further increase market competitiveness.

Cable Stripping Machine

Electric Wire Stripper

M-1 Output Cover Type

Power supply 230V-50HZ,2.2KW

Measurement L620*W600*H840

Weight 100KG

Daily Output 400-1000KG

Processing diameter at 1-45mm cable wire

Wire stripping capacity 35 meter/minute

Steel rolls 4sets.

Blades 15 pieces

Slots 11 pieces

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*It is compact,yet easy of access,practicable and easy to handle,has unique price/performance ratio.

*It has reliable performance,easy to move, place and install.

*This cable stripper is simple to operate without the need for constant adjustment to suit different material sizes.

* Proprietary hardened tool steel blades.

*It is s simple yet efficient machine and requires very little service and maintenance.Only need blade changing and lubrication if necessary.

*It is a totally-enclosed type machine,has side guards cover the pulley and belt system,ensure the operator`s safety.

Recovers the Conductor Material from Cable and Wire.

Make sure the cables/wires`diameter are similar with the feeding slots ,

large cables/wires in large feeding slots,small cables/wires in small feeding slots,flat

Cables/wires in flat feeding slots.

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