A total investment of 4.2 million US dollars Shandong R…

In recent years, as the automobile and engine parts industry in Rizhao Economic Development Zone has begun to take shape, the advanced machinery manufacturing industry in the area has gradually grown and expanded, with a standardized system, transparent policies, continuously improved infr

Jiangsu Port Auto Parts Export Growth Slowed Down

According to the statistics of Nanjing Customs, from January to November this year, Jiangsu Port exported 890 million U.S. dollars worth of auto parts, an increase of 8.9% year-on-year, far lower than the 69.4% increase in the same period of last year. It is reported that since September,

European debt issue has not affected global chemical ma…

The United States "Chemical Weekly" reported that Moody's Investors Service (New York) recently stated in its report that due to the drop in raw material prices, the global chemical industry showed a better trend in 2012. The economic recession in Europe poses a great threat to the g

Maintenance and purchase of antique furniture

1, the purchase and maintenance of antique furniture Antique furniture can be divided into "cork" and "hardwood" two categories. Hardwood has higher density, finer texture, and heavier quality, so hardwood is more valuable than softwood. Rosewood and pear are very expensive. Cork

Car companies gambling on the Chinese market warn that …

The Chinese auto market is like a piece of cake on the table. In order to continue enjoying its sweetness, the company continues to add ingredients to it and throws up the swelling agent. As the size of the cake continues to expand, it is time to consider when it falls from the edge of the

Hefei this summer builds 5 new drainage pumping station…

On the 21st, it was learned from the Municipal Flood Control Institute that there will be five new drainage pump stations in Hefei City before the flood season. The five new drainage pumping stations are respectively Zhangshengjing, Hongqi, Xiangyang Road, Hujian, and Lu Xiaoying drainage

Fast Group participates in the development of national …

Recently, the State Bureau of Quality Supervision and the National Standardization Administration jointly issued the People's Republic of China national standard GB/T26658-2011 "Methods for Quality Assessment of Lost Foam Castings", which is the first national standard for China'

Chaoyang Plant exceeded the 2011 production plan

As of December 25, 2011, the total industrial output value of Jiangxi Chaoyang Machinery Plant completed 109.41% of the annual plan, an increase of 8.3% compared with 2010; the new contract was 112.94% of the 2011 plan, an increase of 6.5 compared with 2010. %; Other major economic indicators excee

"China Exhibition" blew the horn of overseas …

From the “2011 China Two-wheeler International Exhibition (Vietnam)” started the “China Exhibition” sounded overseas ceremonies. In recent years, Vietnam has launched a number of restrictions on motorcycles to improve the development of electric bicycles. Allow a lo

The use of carbon steel ball valve

Carbon steel ball valve is suitable for non-corrosive media such as oil, steam and water. Under certain conditions, for example, certain corrosive media can also be used in a range of temperature concentrations of carbon steel. The applicable temperature range of carbon steel is: -29 to 4